Design Dives is a blog for the design and history curious. It dives deep into the stories of the visual world around us to uncover history through design, and design through history.

So much information about our world is presented through visual items: from art and posters, to everyday receipts and packaging. Designed items tell a story of where they were created and the events and trends that were going on at the time. Through them, we can discover where we’ve been as humanity and understand why things are the way they are now. 

As a graphic designer with a background in history, I’m excited to share captivating stories of how design and history reflect each other. Check back regularly as I explore the evolution of everyday items, visit fascinating physical places, and review past creative solutions to humanity’s problems. 

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I’m Barbara, a graphic and web designer based in Canada who fell into design after a history degree. The two fields have always felt deeply interconnected to me. I believe that understanding the story of why things are the way they are and where they came from makes us better designers and global citizens, and makes for some fascinating stories along the way.

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Design History Resources

Here are my current top tools and resources for diving deeper into design history: